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Naomi's tend to seem sweet on the outside, but often turn out to be treacherous and conniving. Usually vain, selfish, neglectful of duties, and idiotic in most situations. They also leech off of people and sucker innocent people in, with claims of ignorance.

Truthfully, these are weak women, who do not have the strength, stamina, or will to do what women are meant to do. Instead they feed off of the strength of others.

They will let you down every time.

Stay away from these succubi.
I thought she was sweet, but Naomi turned out to fuck me over every time.

Naomi told me she would do things different this time, and begged for my help, only later did I realize that she went back to her old ways, wasting my time.
by Annoyed as Hell February 04, 2010

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