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3 definitions by Annihilator (tPW)

Meaning "Back, bitch(es)!" Typically used in chat rooms after returning from AFK.
An appropriate response to this message is "wbcx", which stands for "Welcome back, bitch!"
(In a chat room)
Him: bbl
(...a number of minutes later...)
Him: bcx
You: wbcx
Him: ty
by Annihilator (tPW) May 11, 2006
31 8
Short for "quitting", "exiting", typically from a chat room or online game. Can also be used to greet off another person who is quitting, and is oft acknowledged as a substitute for "bye", "l8r", "cu".
You: q
(you leave)

Him: g2g, q
You: q
(he leaves, you stay)
by Annihilator (tPW) May 11, 2006
27 33
Meaning "yes", "affirmative", "true". 0, OTOH, means "no".
Him: Are you listening to me?
You: 1

Him: Do you understand me?
You: 0

Him: Is that really so?
You: 1

Him: You've got to be kidding!?
You: 0
by Annihilator (tPW) May 11, 2006
38 52