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3 definitions by Annie's Mum

Washing only the most inimate portions of the anatomy in the hand basin, as opposed to a shower or full bath. Name derived from the british tradition of avoidaing becoming cold by fully declothing and getting wet in a cold climate. Also a time saving measure.
I was running late for work so I had a pommie wash and splashed on a bit more aftershave.
by Annie's Mum November 10, 2009
The place on a baby that facilitates the 'emission' of 'cheese' ie: solid curds resembling a web of mozzarella
"Man, what happened you??!! You like an extra out of "Ghostbusters"

"I just hit the baby's cheese button"
by Annie's Mum May 11, 2009
What a baby is called when displaying innate ability to fend off removal from the breast when feeding.
"Agghhh, the Nipple Ninja is chewing my nip, but I can't get her off!!!"
by Annie's Mum May 11, 2009