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a japanese girl who is very athletic, pretty, and FUNNY. she has many inside jokes with her best friend, Annie.
omg! thats hilarious! that is so kari!
by Annie November 23, 2004
not only doesnt lil jon only say yeeaaaaah wuuutttttttt oooooooookay and letssss gooooo there is the occasional WAATCHHHH OUTTTTTTTT
the guy prob got paid 1 mill dollars to sing in the yeah song with usher and all he says is 5 words over and over!!!!
by Annie May 10, 2004
a straw that is chew up at one end, bent down to form the head, and flicked to annoy others; also dances to techno music
Regie...I-I love you...
by Annie December 30, 2003
a homosexual japanese
I almost got poked by a sachio
by Annie March 31, 2005
a hand-help pocket gypsy
"she got herself a nice little guimpe"
by Annie February 21, 2005
drinking, usually heavily.
coined by underage kiddos to avoid detection by their mothers and other authority figures.
often used ironically or obviously - whether the kiddos are aware of this or not.
Hey, let's steal some beer from Chris's parents and play chess.
by Annie October 13, 2004
Woman obsessive of her hundred of cat "children." Can be seen feeding at park feeding ducks and tripping children with her walker.
"Damn, you see that crazy old cat-lady feeding the ducks alka seltzer?"

"Yeah, she's so cool.."
by annie December 27, 2003

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