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96 definitions by Annie

to confuse
You sure bumfuzzled him on that math question
by Annie February 04, 2003
When u don't know the answer to something. If it is un-answerable or if there is no way of knowing the answer until something happens.
Q:How many people are coming to the cinema?


Q: Wot time will u be at mine?

A: Mahooey!
by Annie July 05, 2004
Obnoxious, snooty, big, girl in chorus.
Sutpif piglato...
by Annie December 30, 2003
a fuckin Tard, somebody so stupid it defies belief, a complete arse, a fuck head....
that fuckin knuckelhead MacSpazmatron locked the keys in the car....
by Annie April 07, 2005
drinking, usually heavily.
coined by underage kiddos to avoid detection by their mothers and other authority figures.
often used ironically or obviously - whether the kiddos are aware of this or not.
Hey, let's steal some beer from Chris's parents and play chess.
by Annie October 13, 2004
a stupid student
Sarah is such a stupident, probably cuz shes such a stoner.
by Annie May 17, 2004
not only doesnt lil jon only say yeeaaaaah wuuutttttttt oooooooookay and letssss gooooo there is the occasional WAATCHHHH OUTTTTTTTT
the guy prob got paid 1 mill dollars to sing in the yeah song with usher and all he says is 5 words over and over!!!!
by Annie May 10, 2004