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The wet spot left on a guy's clothing after some girls splash him.
When Bradley went down to the creek to smoke some weed, Cindy and her friends followed him. He came back all shaky with a big splash spot on his shirt, so I pointed at it and said, "Ooh, Bradley got splashed!" He turned bright red and we girls all had a good laugh. Poor boy! He was so embarrassed! It must have been quite a thrill, though.
by Annie April 05, 2009
Homestarrunner is a white thing with no arms he wears a red shirt with a star on it and a hat. His girlfriend is named Marzipan. He is very crazy and stupid but hilarious. He is never mean intentionally.
by Annie July 31, 2003
the most unique and most studly person in Philly.

a sex machine

an all niter (24/7)
Damn that boy is PHAT, he must be a Cuong
by Annie March 31, 2005
comes from latin: pro: 'toss forward'; cras: 'tomorrow'
I have to start writing a thesis and I don't. If I keep on procrastinating I will be terribly moody.
by Annie August 18, 2004
A talented bassist, composer, and writer, most famous for his career as bassist for the excellent and celebrated band Phish. After the band's breakup in 2004, Mike entered into a collaboration with guitar legend Leo Kottke, resulting in their exploratory album, Clone, and a limited tour. Mike also appeared several times with the Benevento-Russo Duo. In 2005, he rebanded with Leo to produce a second album, Sixty Six Steps, and the two again toured.

Mike's Phish-era solo work includes the psychoanalytic Inside In, which he produced during the Hiatus. He was also the author of Mike's Corner, a column which appeared regularly in the band's publication, the Doniac-Schvice, and also on the Phish website through July of 2003. The column was adapted into a book of short stories of the same name, with illustrations by Mike's then-fiancee, Priscilla Foster. A film maker all his life, Mike has produced an independent film, Outside Out, among others; he also directed Phish's one and only music video, Down With Disease.

Mike Gordon, now in his early forties, lives in Vermont.

See also Cactus, Phish, and Mike's Groove
Mike Gordon is amazing!
by annie October 25, 2005
an annoying yet extremely entertaining exclamation used most efficiently with "your mom"s for the perfect burn.
always following a question regarding the statement in the format of:
or *insert verb* *insert pronoun*?!
person 1: I had fun with your mom last night.
person 2: or did you?!
everyone around them: DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNNN!!!
by Annie January 15, 2005
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