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Probably the most influential and imitated rock band of the 20th century, these four men from England shaped not only music to this day, but started a youth revolution during the 1960's that gave the "under 30 crowd" many of the freedoms we still enjoy today. Those who disagree are either ignorant or jealous.
The moment that changed American history as we know it: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beatles...'
by Annie July 01, 2003
continued stimulation of the head of the penis after ejaculation, when it's become uncomfortable, usually accompanied by verbal taunting and usually while the male's hands are tied out of the way.
I polished his knob until he was crying.
by annie September 09, 2004
one of the best comedians of our time with witty spontaneous jokes and is much much better than Leno will ever be. Sometimes though, he gets crappy guests
Conan O'Brien made me laugh so hard the other night
by Annie December 08, 2003
an innie and an outie get together. the outie sticks its bellybutton into the innie and begins to thrust. like regular sex, but no exchange of bodily fluids.
dude jim and karen have bellybutton sex. how kinky is THAT?!
by annie January 29, 2005
The most awesome of all vehicles. The VW Bus is spacious, comfortable, versatile, beautiful, and fuel-efficient. It is perfect for both long and short-term road trips, and makes crossing the country a pleasure. Its large capacity allows friends, bandmates, and fellow hippies to come along for the ride.
The VW Bus is also completely unsafe due to the nonexistant crumple zone in front of the dashboard (this means that there is a sheet of metal the width of a tuna can protecting your legs in event of a crash.) This lends an air of excitement and risk to every road trip.
See also kick ass, beauty, marijuana, touring and band.
"Ah, man, did you see her new car? I heard she drove to CA to get it."
"Yeah, it's a fuckin' beauty!"
"A '77 VW bus! Holy fizznats!"
by annie July 22, 2004
a certain person who holds the esteem that they are better than you; haughty;
Pft what an arrogant.
by Annie December 30, 2003
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