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Pissed off motherfuckers that think they're making a difference in this world. Honestly? They're 100% BULLSHIT.

Not only do these self absorbed assholes give shit to those who CHOOSE to eat meat, but they also cause a lot more comotion then they should. All vegetarians should be transported to somewhere in Africa where they could live off of the weeds and dirt.

Vegetarians don't eat meat because they think it's cruel and inhumane. Guess what assholes? Your "innocent" tofu and fake meat kills MILLIONS of animals each day making your precious "guilt-free" meal. That's right. Millions of animals are killed by giant mowing machines that harvest your precious grains and berries. At least meat eaters EAT THE MEAT instead of letting it go to waste.

How about you educate yourself.
The vegetarians response to this embarrassing fact is "well, at least we're not killing intentionally." So let me get this straight; not only are animals ruthlessly being murdered as a direct result of your diet, but you're not even using the meat of the animals YOU kill?

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by Annexxx August 22, 2008

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