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An uninhabited group of islands off the coast of Canada, part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Nunavet. It is split into the East Pen Island and West Pen Island
When I went to the Pen Islands yesterday, there weren't any people there.
by AnnexTheFrikinZero December 25, 2012
The former method of transportation of Trolls, now they use message boards to surf the web
A troll tried to ride the Troller Coaster, but since it was soo old, the Coaster collapsed and the troll died, and respawned with only 7 lives left
by AnnexTheFrikinZero December 25, 2012
For voters who can't accept the real thing
"I can't believe it's not Communism!" Paul exclaimed after realizing Socialism is not communism
by AnnexTheFrikinZero December 25, 2012

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