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A verb. The act of believing in Justin Bieber. To belieb is to support and love Justin Bieber for everything he has to stand for. When you belieb you become more than a just a fan, it puts you at a whole new level: a belieber.
Justin don't ever be discouraged, we belieb in you.
by Anne Manroe October 18, 2010
Adj. A word commonly used to describe the support and adoration for teen sensation Justin Bieber. It describes a large group of people between the ages of 3 to 28. Beliebers always belieb in Justin Bieber and all he has to offer.
Justin Bieber's 5,767,864 fans on Twitter are proud Beliebers, and you can be too. By the end of his show, song, or video Justin Bieber will have you beliebing as well.
by Anne Manroe October 18, 2010

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