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2 definitions by Anne Coulter

People whose political philosiphy is based on falsities. There are three kinds of conservatives. The first ones are the rich powrful people. They are conservatives because they are out of touch with the problems in society. Then there's religious conseratives, who ironically think that Jesus wants them to fuck the world up. The third group is the "blue-collar" conservatives who have no idea what conservatism really is; they just follow the first two groups blindly.
Examples of the three conservatives' groups:
Group 1: see George W. Bush
Group 2: see Catholic Church
Group 3: see red states, hicks, and rednecks
by Anne Coulter June 17, 2008
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The second institution in America to simultaniously destroy the economy, increase the gap between rich and poor, destroy the environment, and discriminate against women and blacks while relying on poorly educated rednecks to support them. The first was the Republican Party.
Hick: I loooove walmarts low prices!!!

Me: Well, walmart employees are encouraged to use government-funded medicare as their health insurance, meaning that all of that money you save magically disappears in your tax dollars!

Hick: Yeah... but they have $5 tee-shirts!

Me: Did you vote for Bush in 2004?

Hick: Man you're smart, how'd you know!
by Anne Coulter June 17, 2008
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