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Royalty. Daughter of a king and queen. Not you.
Elizabeth I of England was a princess.
You're not her...Get those fat sparkley bubble letters off your shirt, bitch.
by Anne Cabot August 05, 2005
The sex tape which jump-started Paris Hilton's popularity. November 2001, it began circulating the web and popped up on DVD in June 2003. Never seen it. And I'd like to keep it that way.
Let's watch One Night In Paris. She has a pale ass, I hear. But it's hard to tell, all that moving around she does.
by Anne Cabot August 05, 2005
I've heard Avril is very shitty live. I've never seen her.

Leads her angry army of 10 year old girls. Which has indeed died off a great deal since 2001-2003. How can you tell one of these EXTREME sk8 punk rawkers from a normal, conformist, 'preppy' kid? Socks cut off as wristbands. Pants hanging far too low, only held up with a hardcore, $20.00 studded belt from a jean store. Flaunting tee shirts with lame sayings which attempt to look out there and original but fail miserably, they love to dye their hair and want to be another person. Buy ties or steal their father's and wears them with shirts. You need your spiked wrist bands as well.
Fangirl 1: What's this Britany Spears crap on the radio? Oh, she is so unoriginal. She just follows the media and is soo a popular prep.
Fangirl 2: TOETALLY! Oh my god, have you bought a skateboard yet?
Fangirl 1: Of course I have!!!
Fangirl 2: Oh my god it's our jammm! He wuz a sk8er boi, nahnah nah incoherant words dah do!
Fangirl 1: I'm seeing Avril in concert!
Fangirl 2: You stupid bitch! I'll fucking kill you!
by Anne Cabot August 17, 2005
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