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While banging your girlfriend in the ass, quickly pull out, insert your hand in her asshole and grab the back of her head while moving her around making her move like a puppet.
Sunday decided to aimlessly lead his girlfriend around the house by controlling her bowels
by Annadale's finest April 23, 2005
While banging your girlfriend on top, quickly pull out and dip your asshole on her forehead, creating a donut shaped ring.
Juice just couldn't stand her big ass forehead and decided to decorate it
by Annadale's finest April 23, 2005
While engaging in sexual activity with a woman, pull out your cock and slide your fist into her pussy. After sliding the fist in open all five fingers and thrust your hand up and down as fast as possible creating a porcupine-like atomosphere.
Joe opened up his hand inside her and made her feel the essence of the salt...
by Annadale's finest April 23, 2005
When a man is having bangin a girl from behind in the ass, pulls out, and wipes his cock all over her teeth creating a filthy atomosphere in her mouth.
Cheeks just couldn't stand the smell so he had to put it somewhere
by Annadale's finest April 23, 2005

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