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a girl that will let anything happen at anytime ,no shame and totally ok with it .
when he met her she was a real nurse nancy ,after marrage she has become raggedy ann,fat ,full of stuffing and only the kids love her!
by Anna65 February 26, 2009
when someone mess things up big time,and it cannot be fixed,
well thank you very much mate ,you have just made a right baboon arse of that one.
by Anna65 February 24, 2009
A smell of fagtestorone in a house usually has no females and children there and never will ,for inside it resides a male that has no interest in providing a female with children.
Oh i taught you knew ,he will never be interested in you love he smells of fagtestorone!
by Anna65 February 16, 2009
smell of testosterone and fags (cigerettes) ,a house that smells of testfagerone has no women or children he will never marry and have kids because he cannot provide a female with children ,his sperm has been destroyed by smoking!
Dont go home with him !His house smells of of testfagerone hes just not your type honey!
by Anna65 February 16, 2009
any member of the public office that has to make their way around on a bicycle to do a service for which they get paid ,ie, postman ,courier .
did my letter not come yet ?it was mailed last week , oh the lazy rawballs must have blisters...
by Anna65 February 09, 2009
flat footed walks with feet pointing to the sides rather the front
that wawa footed *%""!**^$ just squashed my toes and i stood at his side
specially to keep safe!
crab walking *""$£^^*%%$ wawa feet.
by Anna65 April 06, 2009
sex and games done while in a tanning booth
she came out of the tan booth streaky, she must have been doin tantrix sex !ha ha
by Anna65 March 05, 2009

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