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A slut. One who has no self respect.
A girl who has sex with many patners
by Anna April 13, 2003
L337 version of "broke" or "broken", usually pertaining to computers or computer programs. Something that is deemed b0rked is usually messed up beyond repair or recall.
My Microsoft server is b0rked: whenever I turn it on it starts smoking.

I would like to havening not read b0rked tickets. From "Chronicles of George"
by Anna August 17, 2003
An amazing musical chameleon that manages to change his sound with each different record. Beck's music can be broadly defined as 'alternative rock'. Some amazing Beck albums are Odelay, Mutations ,Seachange, Guero and Midnite Vultures.
Beck is the only man I know who can wear pink jeans and still look sexy.
Beck is the only white man I know who can actually dance.
Beck is a musical revolutionary.
by Anna June 17, 2006
As in "More beautiful than all others"
Decendants from a race of people who are THE most beautiful in body, mind and spirit.We only came to America to grace you with our heritage! Thank us, WE put the BEAUTIFUL in "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL
by ANNA August 13, 2004
the russian guy from Boston that i am totally in love with!
"fuck me harder Dmitriy! oh yeah baby oh oh! harder!"
by Anna July 04, 2004
A boy band from Japan. One word to describe them, perfection.
Ryohei, Keita and Ryuichi.
by Anna May 22, 2004
Bibliography means a pain in the fucking ass thing where you have to put the authors name and book of where you got your information from..
I have to do it for NHD wich sucks cartmen from soutparks ass!
by anna September 16, 2004

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