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Rote Armee Fraktion

Former German terrorist organisation. Killed many German politicians. Got caught. Comitted suicide in prison.
Rote Armee Fraktion = Red Armee Fraction
by Anna January 19, 2004
just another word for sex.
"We had such hot seh last night"
by anna January 10, 2005
a very fat person that wears clothes too small for them.
look at that chode wearing those tight ass hipster jeans
by anna September 22, 2004
a big fat person that is extreamly fat
look at the juggernaut at maccas again
by anna September 22, 2004
A cross between a tickle & a hug. An affectionate wiggling of the fingers in the region of a friends torso (but not in inappropriate areas) often accompanied by cries of "scrumblesrcumblescrumblescrumble".
"Ooooh Sam you are lovely, I think I'll scrumble you"
by Anna December 27, 2003
The sexiest house there is and found at Hogwarts.
Damn those Gryffindors are sexy, sexier than those Slytherins...
by Anna June 22, 2004
Word used By Tvs bangable word for sure lolll Tyrone =P
No example loll
by Anna April 29, 2004

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