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To commit suicide passively, via slow self-destruction, i.e., alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking.

The sad person committed slowicide by continuing to smoke and drink despite doctors' warnings that doing so would result in an untimely death.
by Ann_Hedonia July 12, 2008
(n.) Airline employee in charge of removing insects from passenger snacks.
I called the Fly Attendant after discovering a fly in my bag of nuts.
by Ann_Hedonia May 28, 2008
A late night snack consisting of hot dogs cooked on a George Foreman grill.
When I got to the kitchen this morning, I was annoyed to find a mess from Brian's nocturnal weiner party.
by Ann_Hedonia May 10, 2008
a male teenager who pretends to live the "Emo" lifestyle for the sole reason of meeting Emo girls.
Tim donned his Emu persona by wearing black and pretending to be sensitive, just to get the cute emo girl to go out with him.
by Ann_Hedonia October 06, 2008
Irish Guy Syndrome
Joe blames everything on someone else--he suffers from IGS.
by Ann_Hedonia October 09, 2008
What happens when you are driving, and a squirrel suddenly darts in front of your car. As you swerve to avoid hitting it, the squirrel also swerves, right under your front tire.
The teen was visibly shaken after her first encounter with squirrelicide.
by Ann_Hedonia September 20, 2008
(n.) Syphilis
The poor chap's spotted dick landed him in the hospital.
by Ann_Hedonia September 25, 2008

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