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Palm - trees are one of the most well-known and extensively cultivated plant families. They have had an important role to humans throughout much of history. Many common products and foods are derived from palms, and palms are also widely used in landscaping for their exotic appearance, making them one of the most economically important plants. In many historical cultures, palms were symbols for such ideas as victory, peace, and fertility. Today, palms remain a popular symbol for the tropics and holidays
Pete : What a beautiful tree
Wendy: Yes it is rather beautiful , its a palm tree
by AnnIeee October 08, 2006
very annoying peson , or perhaps someone different

(in slang eg "what a nob jockey!")
eg Maria : (sips tea) Well i never what on earth is that lil nj doing on the television Steven ?

Steve : I dont know nanna , i think its just a typical thug , how ashameable !!
by AnnIeee October 08, 2006
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