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A system administrator who treats users in the same manner as would a bot.
I misspelled a word in my post to the wiki and the sysbot blocked my access on the grounds that I had intentionally and maliciously misspelled the word with no possibility of reconciliation or appeal.
by Ann Myers May 03, 2006
Anyone who calls another person a troll.
Joe only called John an ostracist after John labeled him a troll.
Don't join that club unless you want to become an ostracist.
Don would probably make a good bouncer since he likes being an ostracist.
by Ann Myers May 06, 2006
A place where anything you say can and will be used against you. An organization based on ostracism.
I was ostracized from the Wiktionary.
The Wiktionary is a social club with a dark side.
I escaped the Wiktionary just in time.
by Ann Myers May 06, 2006
A system administrator who trolls user accounts looking for personal information.
I am not going to open an account there because I know it is administered by Internet trolls.
by Ann Myers May 02, 2006

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