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A nomadic mammal with fangs and a large stinger. Origin in the south. Seen in Spring.
The Cherie Beast will mate with you and lay its eggs in your abdomen.
by ANN February 12, 2005
Goodbye as we depart. i hope to see you later, my good friend
homedawg 1: it was good seein ya. see ya lata.
homedawg 2: chow meow.
by Ann October 31, 2004
Best place in the world...as a transfer i've seen other places and nothing beats UVA. I know it gets a bad rap sometimes, but UVA is seriously one of the best places on earth. Whether at the corner or at some random frat, it's fun as sh**anything.
WAHOO for life hahahhahahhah
by ann October 12, 2004
Iggie is a shortened form of the name Igraine. Igraine was the mother of King Arthur according to Arthurian Legend.
Iggie is one cool chick!
by Ann October 04, 2003
not to be confused with aye aye captain an Aye Aye is a lemer (funny looking monkey) Don't critisize me for knowing this its not my fault i was doomed to write a 5th grade animal report!
Dude 1~ look at that Aye Aye over there!
Dude 2~ we're in the mountains there isn't a sea anywhere near us or a bloody captain either!
Dude 1~ why do I even pretend you have a brain!
by Ann July 12, 2004
a party where things are getting really bad
I think we need to leave, it's become an earthquake party.
by Ann March 21, 2004
Matthew Shrine or complete faggot
God, Fish is *SO* gay!
by Ann January 03, 2005

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