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pubic hair, which during either girl-on-girl or dude-on-chick, is linked together like velcro. sexually.
I unzipped my pants and my sexual velcro got snagged in the process
by Anjroo Tomiss October 09, 2007
To fart whilst in the throes of love making. Usually results in stoppage of play an assessment of a cold shower/weather delay, can enhance experience if played correctly. Named after Austrian fart-music pioneer Franz Lebow, who let one go while nailing his wife. pronounced however the fuck you want
Gary M: I was having sex with my wife and I right as I was gonna make her squeal I lebowed and i woke the dog
Gary S: Lebowing is the worst
by Anjroo Tomiss May 13, 2009
insane, crazy, and intense mashed up like your mom's good ole' fashioned mashed potatoes.
I saw a deer sitting up in a tree stand picking off hunters, and then it would bring cheap women up to sex itself. It was totally inscratense.
by Anjroo Tomiss October 09, 2007
A crime that, when committed, is really cute, adorable but also illegal, typically seen anywhere from the fluffernutter kingdom to south central L.A. from where the penguin pequenos carjack to where baby chimps cut their dope
"I was buying some at my local convenience store when a bunch of care bears came up and held us at gun point, they shot Mr. Dokchow who owned the place, it was a cute crime, cutest i've ever seen, i wanted to videotape it for my daughter, she's a fan of the one that wiped the blood off the cash register, it was definitely in cold blood but it put the warm fuzzies in my heart"~Witness of cute crime
by Anjroo Tomiss September 24, 2008
A hickey on your taint, grundle, perineum, gooch, or whatever you so choose to call the skin bridge between pleasure town and the waste factory.
Jason always had an interest in the finer things in life and on his 28th birthday he finally received what he always desired, a gorkel. He had received hickeys in nearly everywhere on his body, but not on this part of the corporeal low countries. He went on to marry that woman.
by Anjroo Tomiss August 15, 2013

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