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an endearment girl friends use for each other
Hey chica what's up?
by AnjewlnWhite April 23, 2009
the white thing in the middle of your pizza that holds the box up
Hey hon can you remove that plastic thingy for me?

John put his book bag on the pizza, thank goodness for that plastic thingy.
by Anjewlnwhite April 23, 2009
A term of endearment between bffs, deaper then a girlfriend relationship.
Someone who is your friend by birth, your sister by choice.
hey sistafriend what ya got going on today?

Sistafriend! Did you hear...
by AnjewlnWhite April 23, 2009
A word spouted out randomly by anyone listening to anyone else talking about marriage. Also spouted out randomly when hearing "what brings us together today?" A line from the chick flick Princess Bride. Often used by as many men as women.
Did you hear Linda & John were getting married? MAAAWAGE

I love weddings MAAAWAGE

Speaker:...and so I ask what brings us together today (unidentified speaker MAAAWAGE)it's a day for...
by AnjewlnWhite April 23, 2009

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