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Extreme, everpresent anger in a person that is demonstrated by routine outbursts directed at all people (and sometimes inanimate objects) with frequency. There seems to be no known provocation to such attacks whatsoever. The metaphor induces one to envision the explosive and omnipresent sense of the anger.
That Vic is a perfect example of "rage in a can" ~ he once went off on me for no reason at work, i thought he was going to punch me in a meeting.
by Anja Manzanares October 14, 2009
The phenomenon manifesting in the heart region of the body similar to the sensation of one’s heart being wrung out like a sponge. From an organic perspective, those emotive complexes attributable to relinquishment of semi-permeable barriers. Usually a sensory experience will induce the physical sensation. Such stimulants can include (but are not limited to) the following ~ mindful/present attention of one person to another without distraction, children’s reactions to things that make them smile, puppies, a beautiful sunset, an olfactory stimulus that pulls on memory, well played music, anyone performing sports, dance or movement of any kind when done exceptionally well, etc etc. Frequently people experiencing “sponge heart” do so when ensconced in the love cloud.
Dang, that baby smiled at me just now and gave me a mad case of sponge heart.
by Anja Manzanares July 24, 2012
A term one can use to excuse oneself from the face-time company of another for reasons of a burning desire to check your e-mail. You won't be comfortable in your conversation unless you check on your inbox for any immediately important messages that need attention. By "digitally freshening up", you have eased the unnatural frequent urge of wanting to peek at your iPhone in your important business meeting.
Before an all day business meeting begins, one person to another: "excuse me while I digitally freshen up, I'll be right back".
by Anja Manzanares February 08, 2011

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