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A term used in naming Ulfric Stormcloak's penis.,and is the cause of many female(or homosexual) Skyrimmers joining the Stormcocks-I mean,Stormcloaks.
I believe it originated in the Skyrim kink meme,brought up by anon.
(all examples are used courtesy of Skyrim kink meme)
'Ulfric's cock has its own surname-Cock Stormcock.'
'Make it quick;Ulfric's cock is very busy.'
'The Thalmor consider Ulfric’s cock an asset, but they haven’t been in touch with it in a while.'
'Ulfric's cock is so glorious that whenever he comes his cock shouts FUS RO DAH!'
by Anita Sidomn February 15, 2012

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