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1) A food individuals can consume to make themselves feel younger.

2) The antithesis of oatmeal. If one feels the urge to eat oatmeal, he / she should immediately head to the nearest convenience store to purchase these cookies. Oatmeal is a food (traditionally) eaten ONLY by older individuals.

3) The 7th major food group added by the USDA in 2008. This food group helps to restore memory loss. It can also be utilized as a replacement for ginkgo biloba. If, by chance, an individual mistakenly forgets to take his / her ginkgo before catching the bus for work in the morning, these cookies will undoubtedly
fill the gap.

4) A delicious, under-rated shortbread cookie often utilized as an anti-aging agent.

5) The fountain of youth can certainly be achieved by eating these lil chippies...
Dude, I gotta get me some of them iced animal cookies cuz I ate oatmeal for lunch today and I feel like I'm already 5 feet under. Hey, I think I forgot to take my ginkgo too.
by Anita Salve April 29, 2008

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