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Short for "Fake Box Chow", a situation in which you pretend to perform cunnilingus on a nasty-ass vagina.
Dude, did you eat that chick out you hooked up with last night?

No, it was FBC all the way.... her box was used up and nasty as fuck!
by Anita Necklace February 02, 2013
Just like a pearl necklace, except when the guy has an infection or STD, making his spooge a greenish color.
"Dude, I got to get to the doctor cuz I was trying to give this bitch a pearl necklace for her birthday, but it came out as an emerald necklace instead. I shouldn't have went to that Thai hooker on my business trip last month... she must have given me gonhorrea."
by Anita Necklace August 15, 2008

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