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the state of having your testicles covered in fecal matter, usually after inserting them into another persons rectum. Often associated with the act of sack stuffing.
Brett had dookie balls after cramming his hairy balls into Annie's steamy cornhole.
by Anita Kunttawash September 25, 2003
the act of inserting your testicles into the sphincter of another person, or your own on a hot Atlanta day. Also called "dogs in the bathtub."
After that bitch passed out I was sack stuffing until my whole sack turned black with sweet love mud.
by Anita Kunttawash September 25, 2003
Otherwise known as Sewerpukes, it is a wonderful union of dumpster and sewer, but it's better than Buffalo.
That coathanger abortion looks like Syracuse! Go Orange!
by Anita Kunttawash September 19, 2003

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