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The act of outwardly supporting a organisation of cause; esp. supporting the Indian cricket team. Zindabadding can include performing Bhangra Dances, sounding team-supporting paraphernalia (such as whistles and horns), waving flags, and chanting "INDIA, ZINDABAD."
"Hey, India is playing today, let us go to the pub and engage in some zindabadding!"
by Anish March 22, 2004
Sexy kuri, attends woodford county. Suffers from mammory-deficiancy syndrome. Please e-mail in for details on how to donate to cure this terrible terrible condition.
Nabilah was sad because the doctor said she needed more money.
by Anish February 24, 2004
Another name for Nehoe. Funny little girl who enjoys chicken.
Neha made Anish buy her some Nando's Chicken.
by Anish February 28, 2004

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