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A theme park near Cincinati Ohio. It has changed owners a few times, including Paramounts and currently Cedar Fair. This changing of ownership has caused the "kiddie-land" type area to change in theme several times, including a Nikelodean theme, and a Snoopy theme. The original name of perhaps the most famous coaster in "kiddie-land" was the Beastie, which was intended to be a smaller version of the Beast, but has changed names under different ownerships. Kings Island's most famous coasters include The Beast, and Son of the Beast, which both usually have considerably long lines. Kings Island has its own water park, Boomerang Bay, which has changed its name a few times also with different ownerships, and is free admission with admission to Kings Island. (Unlike its cheep ass couzin, Cedar Point, who has you pay extra admission for use of its water park)
Person 1: Have you gone to Cedar Point this year?
Person 2: Yeah.....but only for the coasters. Kings Island is where it's at for coasters AND a water park!
by Animeash August 16, 2011
When you have one or more stickers that you love so much, that you can't bring yourself to put anywhere in fear that you will waste your stickers.
Ashley: Josh, I really love that Hello Kitty sticker book with over 100 stickers you got me, but Now I have no idea where to put them. You can't just waste stickers that cute!
Josh: They're stickers....you have over 100 of them....put them anywhere and everywhere.
Ashley: I can't! I have sticker anxiety!
by AnimeAsh June 27, 2011
People who go to Goodwill for cheap clothes, sometimes editing them (cutting, tie-dyeing, etc.) and make really cute, fashionable outfits out of them.
Jenna: Ashley that tie-dye tank top is ADORABLE! Where'd you get it?!
Ashley: Oh this? It was a buck at Goodwill and then I tie-dyed it. I guess I'm just a Goodwill Fashionista.
by Animeash August 16, 2011
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