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A block of shows on Cartoon Network that are rated PG or above. A great block to watch if you're tired of cartoons for kids.
Adult Swim is my favorite block of programming on CN and I tape all the new stuff.
by Anime Guy April 30, 2004
Means boy in Japanese, alternate spelling of shonen.
Shinji Ikari is a shounen.
by Anime Guy October 05, 2004
A word that means not right, under any circumstance, literally or opinionated.
I have a poster of Kagome on my wall, and every night I charge up my Tetsusaiga, and Windscar all over her face.-THE_SPOON, adultswim.com forums
by Anime Guy May 08, 2004
An anime currently airing on International Channel about Oji Tanaka, a businessman with a wife and son. He was the leader of short-lived rock band, Black Heaven, fifteen years ago. He still yearns to play his Flying V guitar like he did fifteen years ago.

The Legend of Black Heaven has a great soundtrack and a great story.
The Legend of Black Heaven my favorite International Channel anime. Watch it if you get IC.
by Anime Guy April 30, 2004
Means boy in Japanese. Often used to describe anime and manga.
I got my issue of Shonen Jump.
by Anime Guy October 05, 2004

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