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2 definitions by AnimalLover

Absolutely, without a doubt, the funniest person who ever walked this earth. 2.) Damn he's funny!!! Way funnier than Jay Leno or any other host out there!!! 3.) 6'4, redhead, white, catholic, irish, extremely hot!!!
Conan: "Tonight we have a great show and therefore it must be talked about..."
Audience: (Silence)
Conan: "OKAY!! That freaked everyone out!"
Audience: (laughter)
Conan O'brien rocked by pants off last night!!
by AnimalLover September 30, 2005
WWE Smackdown is a show that comes on every Friday created by the WWE (world wide entertainment)
Do you watch WWE Smackdown?

No but i do watch WWE Raw!

You should watch it. It comes on every Friday!

Oh, ok. Thanks!
by animallover July 09, 2014