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A Cleveland Steamer is where you take a crap on somebody. A Lebron Steamer is where you take a crap on Cleveland.
That was a huge Lebron Steamer that coward Lebron James took on us when he decided to go to Miami.
by Anigav Senip July 09, 2010
A team that represents everything wrong with society today. The Miami Cheat consists of three highly overpaid losers who do not deserve to win anything. The Miami Cheat are turning the NBA into the MLB, where only the superteams can win.

The world would be a better place without the Miami Cheat and their 3 losers: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.
Man 1:I heard the Miami Cheat open the season against the Celtics tonight.

Man 2: Ya I know. Everybody in the world outside of Miami is hoping they win nothing this year. Everybody hates the Miami Cheat. They are ruining the NBA.
by Anigav Senip October 26, 2010
Temporary hearing loss attributed to watching a low-quality, quiet video on YouTube with poor audio then switching to a video that is louder with better audio quality.

Usually only applies when the victim is wearing headphones due to the unexpected blast of sound that comes with switching videos.
Person 1: Oh man I cant hear anything right now. I was watching a quiet music video on YouTube and I switched to a loud one and it blew out my eardrums man!

Person 2: Yeah man that's called YouTube Deafness. It has happened to me too. Just wait a couple of minutes and it will clear right up.
by Anigav Senip July 27, 2010

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