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A female plainclothes undercover officer pretending to be a prostitute, in a police sting, entraping John's who offer her money for sex.
Richard went to lilu near downtown, but was caught by a policetitute who pulled a 21 Jump Street. He spent the night in jail.
#undercover #officer #hooker #copwhore #honest whore
by Anica January 06, 2008
Pick up underage hookers and have sex in your car with them.
It is a Verb that is only maybe five years old in origin. It comes from the name of the producer of the liluplanet videos, also know as Lord of the rings or LOTR. The videos were of him picking up underage girls in Russia and taking them to the woods for sex in his car. If someone lilus, they have talked an underage girl into being Molested for Money (M4M).
After the party Steve drove by Ecopark to lilu with his new Audi.
#lotr #liluplanet #prostitute #m4m #underage hookers
by Anica January 06, 2008
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