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1 definition by Angus Burger

Boscombe is an innercity suburb of bournemouth probs one of da ruffer parts of the southcoast city n more gangster then most practically counts as its own town yet is right in the thick of main bmuff a pretty cool place 2be- altho mostly made up of bed sits, a good place for people2 make a start n get ther first living accomodation- but not a particulary nice one. one of da main druggy areas around bomo- sum "people" have taken 2 callin it BosVegas- but Fuck That!!! Surely BosAngeles- Or Even Better Boss-Side wud be better. boscome is an alrite place with plenty surroundin it n plenty 2 do. but I wudnt go down ne dark alleys if I was you. Boscombe = dodgey but Coolas

-Red Light District Of Bournemouth-
"Wer U From M8?"
"Oh Rite kl"
by Angus Burger June 07, 2007