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2 definitions by Angry Monkey Nutz

A sex move that will result in a hoe looking and sounding like a seal.
The seal - When you are banging a hoe from behind, reach down over her face, using to fingers as hooks, grab her nose and pull up. With no place to go, she will swing her arms and sound like a seal as she is saying uhuh, uhuh, uhuh
by Angry Monkey Nutz July 08, 2009
1. The nickname for the the most bad ass person ever.

2. The crusty nut sweat build up when you haven't shaved your pubs.

3. Placing a form of cheeze (i.e. Creamcheeze, cheeze power mix, cheeze, cheeze puffs power) & rubbing it on your nutz for a chic to lick.

4. Taking a picture with you nutz hanging out to say "Cheeze!"

5. Adding a tasty surpise for the chic sucking on your nutz.
Letting a patch of weeds grow on your nutz, Working up a sweat, and not getting a chance to shower.

Everyone is taking a serious picture. And then when the prints come back... What's this? Cheezeballz!
by Angry Monkey Nutz July 08, 2009