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What the hell is this
I - Idiots

O - Out

W - Wondering

A - Around
We're the smartest state in the U.S!
For Christ's sake, stop your bitching about our "terrible driving" and go to New York, give me a review about their shitty driving.

God damn, Iowa has some of the nicest people, and there isn't corn EVERY WHERE.
To be honest, there isn't even as much corn as you think there would be, there are more cities than corn.

Plus, if you hate Iowa then promise me you'll never eat corn and or barilla noodles again.
So, all you more suberban suburban states can suck it because Iowa is the shit!
Person 1: Dude, you live in Iowa?! You might as well just live in a corn field. HAH, are you a farmer?!
Person 2: No, actually i'm a physicist for Iowa State University, one of the best colleges in the world.

Person 2: No.. it was a mansion in the suburbs of Des Moines
Person 1: GO EAT CORN! :(

Person 2: Okay, I will. And I'll rub it in your face cause Iowans have some DAMN FINE CORN!
by Angry Iowan. <__<' October 16, 2011
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