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Taboo boobies. Usually inadvertently and briefly spotted on an inappropriate female subject.
Mrs. Smith leaned over and I saw taboobies.
by Angry Bill March 30, 2010
A set of rules or a collection of norms which are unknown to the general public, but are extremely important to insiders. In many cases, the outsider learns the stripper rules as he or she is being ejected, beaten up, or otherwise aggressively educated.
Why'd you get thrown out?
Apparently putting money in her underwear was fine, but there is some rule against putting my whole hand in there...
Stripper rules. Who knew?
by Angry Bill March 28, 2010
Posterior testicles - at the back side of the scrotum, near the taint.
Kiss my posticular nuts...
by Angry Bill March 30, 2010
Post-vasectomy testes.
Baby, I don't need a rubber. I have stemless grapes here...
by Angry Bill March 28, 2010
Enraged to the point of incoherence, comparable to dealing with a specific operating system.
Dude, that last upgrade had me so angry I couldn't sleep. It took forever, erased everything, smoked, and generally did the opposite of what it was advertised to do. It made me beyond angry - I was windows mad...
by Angry Bill March 30, 2010

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