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The best friend ever:)) She's really beautiful but refuses to believe it when people tell her. Very funny and sarcastic, so people who don't know her very well can sometimes see her as really mean, though she's really not. Too hard on herself sometimes. All the guys love her but she can't really see it hahaha :P Hates drama, but it always follows her anyways.
Random Guy: Dude Hayley you're so hot.

Hayley: Yeah, ok. If I'm hot, you're the Queen of England.

Random Guy: Guess that makes me the Queen of England?

Hayley: Dude. No. Unless you're actually a chick. You might wanna go check and make sure, I'm not positive you are a guy, now that you mention it....
by Angielovesyou;) November 22, 2010

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