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when u see a bald man this is his name
the light form baldie's head is reflecting into my eyes!
quick go rub baldie's head for good luck!
by Angie G April 29, 2002
An offering of a legendeay scrumptious aussie chocolate biscuit in order to relieve the embarassment of a person who has said somethign really lame.
" (some realy badass joke)"
"mmm,Wanna tim tam?"
by Angie G August 26, 2003
yelled out when there is a sudden cyclone surrounding u and ur skirt goes up to show "the only knickers left" for all to see.it warns the other skirted females or transexuals
around u
breeze.."skirt alert!"
by Angie G April 29, 2002
using it after u say a statement or fact, it
proves the person has nothing valid or important or worthy to say
oh yeh so he rang me yesterday
by Angie G April 29, 2002
use it when ever u see someone doingn anything
whatta loser!
by Angie G April 29, 2002
u can add to the end of any sentence or word when explaing soemthing adn wanting to sound intelligent
yeh that fungus that develops a medamycrosopicchelmiotropic thingy
by Angie G April 29, 2002

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