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a chutch is the area between the asshole and the dang or vag. it is the same thing as a taint or durf.
yo, stop grabbing my chutch
by angie December 14, 2004
Angie is a wonderful girl who doesn't talk much. She claims she is skinny but she isn't.
Everyone loves angie
by ANGIE February 20, 2013
Poop; having orgins from "poopie".
"Christine's new baby is such a pootie-pants!
by Angie January 02, 2005
South African definition of a hip, cool girl- friend. A term of endearment to girls found regularly lounging next to the pool, downing tequila shooters, drinking vodka lime on the rocks and generally giving group hugs on a regular basis. Only used within certain groups to link each other together.
"Howzit Chique? Having a fantastic afternoon?"
"Hey Chique, it sounds like you had a cooker last night."
"Chique - what's happening out there in the wilderness?"
by Angie September 20, 2004
a term used for mexicans sorta like callin em a spic or something
Puerto rican:were u goin?
Girl: wit my man
Puerto rican: olvidalo es un charro
translation-forget him hes a charro
by angie March 16, 2005
The smell of a fat, sweaty, kid.

Phew! He smells like moot!
by Angie November 27, 2003
A mother who does not care what her daughter does and tries to be best friends with her daughters friends.
"Like home dog wanna chyll like later?!" exclaimed Luba
by Angie December 23, 2003

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