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Ghost like town filled with methamphetamine labs housed in buses. unhospitable in nature. Residents show declining brain function after five years. Water is polluted with unknown contaminates that cause retardation and many unstudied birth side effects.

Population = Unknown
Meth head 1 "So... where you going to get your meth from tonight?..."

Meth Head 2 "Houston, Alaska"
by AngelousBelleMorte April 01, 2009
1. Refers to anyone who displeases me in a manner which doesn't deserve harsher treatment. See example 1

2. Term of endearment to people close to you. See example 2
Example 1
Person 1= Can you please hand me that pen?
Person 2= Get it your self.

Example 2

Friend 1= Hey what are you doing poopmouth?
Friend 2= Not a whole lot of anything.
Friend 1= Nice nice...
by AngelousBelleMorte June 06, 2009

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