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A Moderator of the wildly popular TheNinja-rpg(TNR). Genearlly correcting of Grammar and spelling errors as well as syntax and other assorted errors. Also known as a Wizard. A dick on Modern Warfare 2.
Grammador GTFO you troll!

Oh Shit its grammardor he's here to correct us!

Grammardor get out of here with your OHKO
by Angelkat July 15, 2010
An administrator for the wildly popular Theninja-rpg. Often confused for a woman or young girl when he is in fact a male. He is the gender confused and lovable administrator. His bad sense of humor and use of large words that he most likely doesn't understand are his key traits.
Ameise came into my room and started talking about particle physics he blew my mind.

I thought Ameise was a chick when I first saw him, than again he does wear a skirt.
by Angelkat August 05, 2010
The cookie loving thief of the wildly popular Theninja-rpg (TNR). A popular game based on a ninja setting. She is one of the lovable administrators and the famous Thief of all things cute and cookie related. Also owns a dude ranch.
1. Oh Crap Kanu stole my cookie!

2. Tch Kanu got into my cookie stash.

3. God damnit Kanu leave your red hands off mah cookies!

4. <3 You Kanu
by Angelkat July 14, 2010

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