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2 definitions by Angelica_Ness

MMO slang. Typically what the Bow Fag does once they draw the aggro of the mobs. They run around backwards while shooting the mobs which are chasing them. Or course this in turn requires all the melee class to follow in pursuit. So it basically looks similar to a Benny Hill re-run.
The bow fag ranger just grabbed the aggro of all the mobs, so now he's a back-peddling pussy.
by Angelica_Ness August 05, 2013
Name for someone that uses a bow/ranged weapon in an MMO. And tends to pull argo away from the melee classes.

Typically someone of the Ranger class.
We gotta chase the mobs to kill them now that the Bow Fag just pulled agro by shooting them first.
by Angelica_Ness August 08, 2010