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When someone says something 100% non-sexual, and your mind immediately jumps to a perverted thought.
Person 1: I was watching CNN this morning and they talked to Dick Cheney.
Person 2: *thinking* HAHAHAHA THEY SAID DICK.
by Angelica September 08, 2004
Cameron, the biggest douche bag in the world. He is gay and takes in the ass, eye, mouth, ear, nostril, and between the fat rolls. He likes to do his siblings and will never have a girlfriends. He will only have flings with his dog Roxanne. And masterbates a lot. He weighs over three hundred pounds. He is grotesque. Can be shortened up to gay fag
Dude, look at that kid he is such a Cameron Hawn.
by Angelica April 15, 2005
A word used by bitchy preps who think that they are all that....Hilary Duff.
That was like a bangin like party last night.
by angelica November 29, 2004
Its another way to say hey or hi
YO what up hommie give yo gurl some props leave it peace out yo
by Angelica March 28, 2005
What you get after drinking a can of Mountain Dew without eating anything.
"Damnit, I downed two cans of Mountain Dew and didn't eat anything, now I've got the gut."
by Angelica October 03, 2004
The city called the ass-crack of Wisconsin. Filled with wannabe-gangs, drugs, violence and all-around idiocy.
"We went to Chicago but drove right around Beloit instead of going through it. I don't feel like replacing any more windows."
by Angelica October 03, 2004
A nasty ass guy that sleeps around, wears the same clothes all the time, and is NO GOOD!!
That nigga is an ASH MONKEY!!
by Angelica February 28, 2004

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