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Juggalos are probably the coolest down to earth people that anyone would ever met. We ARE NOT drug addicts, we may do drugs, but that don't mean drugs make us bad. Most juggalos only smoke pot which make us so down to earth maybe if some of you haters tried it you wouldn't be such a fag. Juggalos are all about having fun. We don't give a shit if the whole world hates us but I bet if anyone tried to say why, they wouldn't say shit. If you think we school drop outs, I graduated high school and so did all of my juggalo and juggalette friends. And whoever thinks something bad about faygo, like for real? have you never drank soda before, its the same shit as cola or dr.pepper or mountain dew. just so much more flavorrrr. Just so ya know this is straight UNDERGROUND HIPHOP. FUCK that emo goth shit, anyone who thinks we emos should get hit. Maybe if ya'll just listenin to ICP, KMK, Twiztid and tech n9ne which mosty of u hatas prob listen to him and dont even kno he is connected to icp or juggalos. All we are here for is to have fun not to listenin to lame ass people who think they are the fucking shit calling juggalos fags, when they dont kno shit about us half the haters i bet never even listened to ICP. If you really need to, go to SPencer gifts, and get "Behind the Paint" written by a member of ICP Violent J. So for the juggalos WHOOP WHOOP PEACE OUT HOMIES.

"Me and my homies stay tight like a noose
And if you step to one of us you betta step to the whole crew
I never knew that I could depend
That I could have some friends that's down til the very end
Well that's my home boys, excuse me, my family
And when we conquer the world
We macking on the galaxy cause skys ain't limited
And we ain't finished
And if my homies gonna ride ya know I'm with it

Puff it and pass it and I give it to my homies ya'll
Hit it and quit it and then I give it to my homies ya'll
I got the world around my finger with my homies ya'll
And everything is obsilete unless I hear my homies call
We worldwide, were homies around the planet
Sticking together like zippers on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' jacket
They got my back like a tat for that, I love ya'll
Hanging till we old and grey like grandpa"
by Angelette1992 December 15, 2010
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