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when someone is all up in yo face and they just arent worth punching out so you show them how insignificant they are.
yea whatever, bitch.
by Angelacia May 13, 2007
A way to make people realize their situation is not as important as they think, or would like to think. Especially handy when dealing with math teachers.
Mrs Garrison: you haven't turned in your math homework!
Student: There are starving children in Africa!
Mrs Garrison: That is so true...wow, that really lets me see my life through another perspective. I give you an A!
Student: Thank you, starving children in Africa!
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
What's in a middle-aged person's vocabulary from when they were pretty young things. it is exceptionally obvious when a.) the oldie in question is presenting a motivational speech to a bunch of bored high school kids and wants them to think they are 'hap'nin' but doesn't know the correct speech anymore, b.) when said oldie decided to write a 'convincing' teen novel. Is also apparent on the 'made for teens' websites you have to visit for school, where you're so enraptured in the hip language that you don't realize you're learning! *yay*
Let's read an exerpt of my new motivational book for teens:
Kyle: What's up Verne, you're looking tubular today!
Verne: Man, hey! Don't block my style. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd heard of the totally far-out website that helps teens like us help kids all over the world.
Kyle: Man, what a trip! Let's start making a difference!

(Communal gags from all under-85's at the blatant use of middle aged slang)
by Angelacia May 25, 2007
A CareBear gone evil.
Sometimes I have nightmares that my CareBear will turn into a ScareBear overnight and murder me.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
A little family of elves who live in a tree and create all kinds of complex contraptions just so they can get their cookies 'just right'. We can catch glimpses of their lives through their well-know Keebler Elves commercials.
The Keebler elves don't make their pecan melt cookies too sweet, they make them *just right*.
by Angelacia August 17, 2007
the word yellow, spoken by some 5-year-olds.
today i'm five yeows old and i'm gonna have lellow bawoons everywew.
by Angelacia February 14, 2008
Invariably, everyone has at least one cousin who has been in juvenile hall, is a slut, or lives in the ghetto. Even if you are the richest person in the world.
Jack: yeah I live in Bel Air, but I have some cousins who rep hoover and live in COmpton.
by Angelacia June 25, 2007

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