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"I really like this decorative paper. It takes the focus off how shit your report is."
compliments fist, constructive criticism next
by Angelacia December 23, 2007
Uncle Jesse's band on Full House. they recycled other bands shitty material and were supposed to be very bad-ass. i love it!!
me and my friends went to a jesse and the rippers gig last night.
by Angelacia December 02, 2007
It is apparently quite more-ish.
I've tried that Chinese thing with the needles. Acupuncture? Um no, heroin.
by Angelacia May 25, 2007
THe maker of all those obesity-inducing jellofied 'snack cakes' that everyone gives America shit for.
When I went to Spain all the kids yelled at me to go eat some Hostess Cream Cakes and bomb a country.
by Angelacia June 20, 2007
When someone is going to do something really stupid, useless, or annoying, or if you are jealous that someone is getting to do something you're not, it is a put-down. See whatever.
geek: Well, I'M going to get my hair follicle tested for carbon today!

normal kid: Psh, have fun.

Annie: guess what, i get a free shopping spree at neiman marcus today!!

Jenna: psh, have fun.
by Angelacia May 04, 2007
when someone is all up in yo face and they just arent worth punching out so you show them how insignificant they are.
yea whatever, bitch.
by Angelacia May 13, 2007
A white singer with a black voice. Also sometimes known as Tina Marie. She was married to Rick James.
Teena Marie has songs like Eve, Portuguese Love, Still in Love, and Ebony Eyes.
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
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