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145 definitions by Angelacia

When you become a teenager and you realize that all the things you thought you could do when you were a child...you can't.
my worst teenage letdown was when i realized i wasnt going to be the youngest traveling lion tamer in southwest michigan.
by Angelacia May 03, 2007
end of date insta-blow-off
saying 'see you around' isn't saying 'i'll give you a call', 'see you again soon', or 'are you free next weekend?'. it's saying 'if we ever see each other again it will be a chance encounter in my neighborhood and we won't speak to each other and might not even acknowledge each other's presence'
suzy: thanks for tonight, we should see each other again!
dave: yeah, see you around
by Angelacia March 24, 2011
Somebody without a permanent home or residence. Usually can be found in public parks smoking weed and yelling at innocent people, sitting in the bus stop listening to a radio, on the freeway underpass, lying down on the sidewalk, or at Jack-in-the-Box.
I was in Jack-in-the-Box with my friends cuz we had to use the bathroom, and we had a conversation with a homeless guy there about 70's music.
by Angelacia May 03, 2007
it's really confusing how censored rap songs use 'loving' to replace 'fucking' even when they're talking about some ho they don't care about.

akon 'i just wanna love you'
ashanti 'ooh baby when you're loving me'
by angelacia November 19, 2010
The ugly, surgically enhanced Simpson sister who dropped the whole "I'm as hardcore as Avril Lavigne" thing when she realized no one was buying it, not even little 11 yr olds.
Ashlee Simpson is so hardcore I cut my wrists when I listen to her.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
The worst area of any city, anywhere.
I live in southeast.

by Angelacia June 20, 2007
When used excessively, it can make your face look like a shiny orange orb. Whenever you can tell that someone is wearing foundation, they are wearing too much. Sometimes when not rubbed in correctly, over-applied, or the person in question has applied the wrong shade, they can get the mask effect. Foundation is used excessively by teenage girls, specifically bro ho's and girls who work in Abercrombie.
omg let's get some more foundation
by Angelacia June 15, 2007