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The better Simpson. So what if she's dumb, at least she isn't a poser like ashlee.
Jessica Simpson: This says baby food. Is it food or is it baby?
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
Spanish for My Crazy Life (meaning the gang life), and can be translated as three dots in a triangle shape, that a lot of Latino gangbangers get in a tattoo by their eye or between their thumb and index finger.
Mi Vida Loca is a movie about Mexican gangbangers.
by Angelacia June 17, 2007
Somebody without a permanent home or residence. Usually can be found in public parks smoking weed and yelling at innocent people, sitting in the bus stop listening to a radio, on the freeway underpass, lying down on the sidewalk, or at Jack-in-the-Box.
I was in Jack-in-the-Box with my friends cuz we had to use the bathroom, and we had a conversation with a homeless guy there about 70's music.
by Angelacia May 03, 2007
When you become a teenager and you realize that all the things you thought you could do when you were a child...you can't.
my worst teenage letdown was when i realized i wasnt going to be the youngest traveling lion tamer in southwest michigan.
by Angelacia May 03, 2007
The ugly, surgically enhanced Simpson sister who dropped the whole "I'm as hardcore as Avril Lavigne" thing when she realized no one was buying it, not even little 11 yr olds.
Ashlee Simpson is so hardcore I cut my wrists when I listen to her.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
The worst area of any city, anywhere.
I live in southeast.

by Angelacia June 20, 2007
A girl who is present in one or more rap videos, wearing skimpy or obviously expensive clothes, sipping Cristal or dancing/gettin with the rapper in the video. A video girl is not a video ho, and will most likely not participate in uncut videos, which are sexually explicit and often the girls don't get paid for them.
Karrine Steffans was a video girl before she wrote her tell-all memoir.
by Angelacia May 26, 2007

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