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A girl next floor is the same as a girl next door, only she lives in a bad, ghetto neighborhood (floor, meaning apartment building instead of house). This kind of girl is like a jewel in the gutter. She is sweet, shines out like a flower, she is innocent but at the same time streetwise in her ghetto-ass neighborhood.
Evie Jaresa is the perfect girl next floor, I wish i could get with that!
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
A donut covered in powdered sugar (what is WRONG with you people??!)
For lunch I had a Pepsi and powdered donut.
by Angelacia June 25, 2007
A musical set in New York in which the 'Puerto Ricans' are just white people wearing brown foundation.
excerpt from west side story:

white guy: I hate the Puerto Ricans!
blond guy wearing lindsay lohan syndrome foundation: hola! we hate-o you white people! burrito!
by Angelacia May 26, 2007
A politically correct way to say that a school, area, or environment is mostly black or Hispanic. It doesn't have to be 'diverse' at all, as in Montebello High School which is 97 percent Hispanic, but it is still called 'diverse'.
Compton is an extremely diverse area.

Um, what are you talking about? It's black and Hispanic. That's not very diverse!
by Angelacia June 16, 2007
A haircare tool that looks like a pair of barbecue tongs. There are two bits of metal on the inside of the 'tongs', and when you plug the straightener in, flick 'On', and select how hot you want it to go, the bits of metal will become extremely hot. DO NOT be a dumbass and grab the wrong side (I've never done that - ahem). Brush your hair out, add some heat protection balm or spray if you don't want your hair to fry, and then select a half-inch amount of hair, and clamp the two sides of the straightener together, running down the hair. Do this a few times and the hair will be left looking straight. The hotter the setting, the straigher your hair will be, but it will also be more damaging. Hair straightening is easier on thin hair than thick hair.

When the straightening is finished, mist your hair with hair spray, gloss sheen, a/o other styling products. If it's a misty or humid day outside your hair will instantly puff up and frizz as soon as you step outside -- this is why you need to make sure you're straightening your hair on a day that is pretty dry and sunny.

Your straight hair will last until you take a shower and wash your hair. If you're lucky, the hair will be left in the exact same condition as you started out with. If you're not so lucky, your hair will be left looking like you stuck a finger in an electric socket until you go to the hairdresser and get a deep conditioning treatment.
The best hair straighteners to use are the ceramic ones. The ionic ones are good too, and let's not forget the mother of all hair straightners, CHI.
by Angelacia June 11, 2007
A gesture made with the hands to signify what gang and set youre from. gang signs can get you killed if you do them in the wrong part of town.
some little wanksta came up in herre throwin up the rollin 60s gang sign and we blasted his lil ass.
by Angelacia May 24, 2007
Spanish for My Crazy Life (meaning the gang life), and can be translated as three dots in a triangle shape, that a lot of Latino gangbangers get in a tattoo by their eye or between their thumb and index finger.
Mi Vida Loca is a movie about Mexican gangbangers.
by Angelacia June 17, 2007

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