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145 definitions by Angelacia

What 50 Cent used to dis Ja Rule with.
50 Cent: you sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster!
by Angelacia May 23, 2007
a brand that stands for Girls Leading Our World.
I got this kiwi body spray from GLOW.
by Angelacia May 29, 2007
A movement that simulates sexuality (if u havent noticed a lot of dance movements are also sex movements). used to have fun and attract others.
there are tons of different types of dance
by Angelacia September 30, 2007
Very bad weed, most often brown because it has been cut so much with tobacco.
Shit, all you guys got is some bamma?
by Angelacia June 24, 2007
Jeans that are usually pink or white, and are so low-rise you can see the girl's ass crack over the top of them. They are common in Miami and, of course, Brazil.
(Girl wearing Brazilian jeans is walking down the street...)

(Girl) Damn put some pinche clothes on bitch!

(Guy) Damn esa, shake it!!
by Angelacia June 15, 2007
An extremely overused phrase meaning Oh my God that is so totally awesome! This phrase goes along with the trend of being a 'little girl' with hair bows and hello kitty accessories who says cute little things that are so geeky they are adorable. I hope nobody says it anymore or else they need to die!
Haha, oh my God I know Disney movies are so awesome they rocks my socks! Haha I know I'm so geeky, except no I'm not, I don't even like Disney movies but the cool thing is to act like I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm gonna like stuff that isn't cool.
by Angelacia May 26, 2007
A really really annoying word featured in Mean Girls, that stupid airheads ditzy teens use. It is a less severe form of Bitch.
Shh don't tell anyone, but Jamie has been acting like *such* a biatch.
by Angelacia May 20, 2007